Marine Fish & Corals

We have an interesting selection of Marine Fish and Corals. Come visit us to  check out our Zebra Moray Eel!

Some of our regular marine fish include the following:

  • Tangs (eg Naso, Yellow Mimic Blue Eye, Sailfin, Orange Shoulder)
  • A selection of Clowns (eg Marron, Ocellaris, Orange Skunk)
  • Damsels (eg Royal, Neon, Domino)
  • Wrasse (eg Bicolour Cleaner, Lunare, Long Fin Fairy) 
  • Angels (eg Bicolour, Emperor, Regal)
  • Triggers (eg Brown, Queen, Black)
  • Butterfly (eg Copperband, Raccoon)
  • Seahorses

If you are after a particular type of Marine Fish call into the shop or give us a call. If your request is available we can add it to our next order.


Seahorses are amazing little marine fish. They constantly graze in the ocean and as such are very slow eaters. Consideration needs to be given when mixing other fish with them as the other fish will be quicker feeders and may eat all the food before the seahorses have a chance to get any! Brine Shrimp is the food of choice for owners of these creatures.

Corals form the basis of any reef aquarium. A coral is a colony of linked organisms called polyps. In stony corals the polyps have a hard casing of calcium carbonate while the polyps of soft corals are supported by a less rigid calcium structure.

Corals need lots of space and overcrowding will limit their growth and they also don’t always get on with each other. Many corals contain algae (zooxanthellae). When the algae photosynthesize they provide food for both themselves and the coral. This is why good lighting is essential in your tank. If a piece breaks off it can used to establish a new colony elsewhere in the tank. Corals can be identified by their polyp shape which is relatively consistent. For example we regularly have a Torch Coral that if you look closely at the polyps are the shape of little torches. Coloration is much more variable and therefore is a less reliable guide.