Freshwater fish and tropical fish are something we have a large selection of in store. You may wish to have one or two large fish of the same species, or a group of smaller shoaling fish that highlight their colours or set up a community aquarium with different species.

Tip – Just the same as in nature if the large fish can get the small fish in its mouth it will probably try.

We can offer suggestions on which fish are compatible with each other and those that are not going to be great tank mates.

Temperature Maintenance

The majority of freshwater fish that we range are also tropical fish. This means that in their natural environment the water temperature is around 26 degrees.

Tank heaters have allowed these freshwater fish and tropical fish to be looked after in conditions near their original surroundings.

Without a heater the cooler overnight  (or day) temperatures will put severe stress on the fish.Fish Aquarium

One of the keys to good healthy freshwater fish and tropical fish is keeping the water temperature constant.

Freshwater fish and tropical fish do not react well to sudden extreme movements in temperature. This is one of the main causes of White Spot. Should you encounter this problem we have some medications on hand to assist with this.

Pet Shop

Goldfish however do not require a heater and can survive in a wide range of temperatures. These are great first time fish as they are relatively low maintenance.

Lighting while not essential to the health of freshwater fish and tropical fish, it will help show its colours to its best effect.

The following is a selection of freshwater fish and tropical fish available with new stock arriving every week:

  • A range of Tetras
  • Fighting Fish, Goldfish, Guppies, Plattys and Mollys
  • Bristlenoses, Coryadories, Danios
  • Angels, Discus, Oscars
  • Cichlids, Rams, Barbs
  • Ghostknives, Sharks 
  • Clown Loaches, Red Devils, Tropheus Duboisi
  • Murray Cod, Sleepy Cod, Barramundi
  • Gourami’s, Catfish, Sole

One of our regular requests are for Mangrove Jacks however these are currently unavailable. We will keep you posted if any become available.

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